TNL Media Group deploys LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution across Asia

2023/05/30 TNL Mediagene
TNL media group has collaborated with data collaboration platform LiveRamp to integrate its Audience Traffic Solution (ATS) into TNL’s services. This collaboration has enhanced the value of TNL’s media data assets and enabled people-centric digital marketing across various browsers, providing marketers with real-time results.

SINGAPORE - TNL Media Group, a multilingual independent media and data platform based in Taiwan, has announced a partnership with leading data collaboration platform, LiveRamp, to integrate its Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) into TNL services. ATS allows TNL to enhance addressability across its pan-Asian media portfolio with LiveRamp’s pseudonymous, people-based identifier, RampID, increasing the value of TNL’s media inventory across all channels.

As part of the partnership, TNL will begin integrating ATS across its Chinese-language websites, with Japanese-language websites to follow. ATS allows TNL to connect first-party user data with RampID, enabling advertising on authenticated inventory in a privacy-forward manner. ATS enables addressable inventory without third-party cookies or mobile identifiers, enabling people-based marketing across Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers, providing immediate results in a world that is mostly cookieless today. Marketers using LiveRamp’s Data Collaboration Platform can reach their customers across TNL properties, and seamlessly activate, personalize, and measure on RampID.

“One of the main reasons we chose ATS is that it enabled us to build our advertising solutions sustainably, while ensuring the highest standards for compliance and privacy,” said Joey Chung, TNL’s CEO and Co-founder. “What we found was that leveraging authenticated audiences now also helped us to better meet strong marketer demand for addressability, delivering the results marketers were looking for across every browser and mobile.”

TNL joins more than 12000 domains which have integrated with ATS globally, along with more than 80 DSPs and 80 SSPs. More than 450 of the world’s leading advertisers activate campaigns through LiveRamp’s Data Collaboration Platform, and the partnership with TNL will further accelerate advertiser demand for authenticated inventory in TNL’s markets.

“TNL is one of the fastest-growing media platforms in Asia, and is taking a huge step forward by making its inventory more attractive, and more valuable, to marketers activating their own first-party data to reach and engage with audiences accurately,” said Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations and Addressability, LiveRamp. “Brand marketers interested in people-based marketing can now leverage TNL’s inventory for increased addressability, driving better results.”

For more information about ATS, please visit the website.

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp is the data collaboration platform of choice for the world’s most innovative companies. A groundbreaking leader in consumer privacy, data ethics, and foundational identity, LiveRamp is setting the new standard for building a connected customer view with unmatched clarity and context while protecting precious brand and consumer trust. LiveRamp offers complete flexibility to collaborate wherever data lives to support the widest range of data collaboration use cases—within organizations, between brands, and across its premier global network of top-quality partners.

Hundreds of global innovators, from iconic consumer brands and tech giants to banks, retailers, and healthcare leaders turn to LiveRamp to build enduring brand and business value by deepening customer engagement and loyalty, activating new partnerships, and maximizing the value of their first-party data while staying on the forefront of rapidly evolving compliance and privacy requirements. LiveRamp is based in San Francisco, California with offices worldwide. Learn more at

About TNL Media Group


TNL Group is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising, data analytics, and media platforms for the Asian market. TNL was launched in Mandarin, English, and Japanese editions to provide inclusive, in-depth, diverse, and highly influential content for digital readers. It has since expanded and acquired a mobile ad network, big data research company, and launched a data analytics platform. As a result, the group can effectively grasp user information through zero-party, first-party, third-party databases, AI analysis, Martech, and other cross-domain core products. TNL serves the public with news and informed commentary, empowers brands with data, and connects with technology, becoming an essential partner for the digital transformation needs of enterprises. TNL Group consists of nine content brands and eleven subsidiaries, with over 290 staff members in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Japan. TNL Media Group’s existing high-profile investors include North Base Media, an original seed investor in The News Lens, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and famed Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper.

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