TNL MediageneStatement of Editorial Independence

The News Lens was established with the intention of providing readers in Taiwan and throughout the Chinese-speaking world with independent news, opinions, information and conversation in an open and transparent environment. This is a platform that provides readers a safe place to take, offer or debate their opinions.

TNL welcomes voices from across the political and international spectrum, and aims to provide readers with multiple perspectives. It believes many voices should be heard.

Some of those voices might belong to governments, political parties, companies, and other interest groups, but those will all be disclosed. TNL does not produce or publish content at the behest of governments or political parties. There may be times when the content on TNL happens to align with the agenda of a certain group, but in those cases it does not constitute an endorsement of the group or its agenda.

TNL is a commercial enterprise and believes that its financial success will help ensure its independence*.

While the editorial and advertising departments of TNL are separate, the company's managers may from time to time decide to publish special content or organize events for advertisers or other paying clients. On those occasions, TNL will make clear to its readers that such content or events are "advertisement" or "sponsored."

TNL is managed by its founders. It has outside investors, but they have no influence over the publication of any articles and do not make any editorial decisions. All of our investors have endorsed the editorial independence of TNL and TNL has made this a prerequisite before any investors or staff join the company.

Readers or viewers of TNL are encouraged to contact TNL's editors or managers if they perceive a violation of this declaration.

*note: The investors and funding sources of The News Lens and its parent company, TNL Mediagene, do not include any political parties or Chinese funds.