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The go-to media partner for multinational brands targeting Asian Millennial and Gen Z customers.Utilizing AI,big data and a suite of technology tools,we empower clients to engage with a massive market at scale and provide data,advertising,e-commerce,and live event solutions.



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  • OTHERS 6.27%


News & Business

We are a dynamic independent media group with a diverse and influential portfolio of brands. Our news and business media brands excel at delivering daily news, in-depth reporting, inspiring storytelling and exclusive investigation across a wide range of topics, focusing on engaging millennial business professionals.

In addition, we proudly provide vertical media channels that delve into specific industries and actively promote development and innovation. We are committed to delivering media excellence and shaping the storytelling of today's ever-evolving landscape. With our global perspective, we aim to be your go-to source for trusted information and inspiring insights.

Tech & Gadgets

Discover a world of technology and innovation with our comprehensive coverage of the latest industry news and developments, including AI, electronics, and new product launches. As a leading tech media provider, we focus on delivering the most current and relevant information for industry leaders and consumers alike. Our premier brands specialize in providing smart analysis, comprehensive product reviews, and captivating brand stories. With a finger on the pulse of the technology industry, we closely follow new startups and emerging trends, empowering our readers to discover new value and stay ahead of the curve. In addition, our commitment to exploring the realms of digital life and future technologies caters to our tech-savvy audience's curiosity.

Sports & Lifestyle

From sports, cinema, lifestyle, cooking, money, homeware to Korean trends, we aim to provide engaging and informative news stories in each area of ​​interest for business professionals who work hard, play hard, and live well. Furthermore, we specialize in sharing unique home items and creative ideas for individuals who want to enrich their home life. In addition to electrical appliances and daily necessities, we keep up with the trend and include fashion pieces as well as high-performance gears.

AI & Big Data

AI Customer Data Service

We offer data-driven solutions for businesses to gain valuable consumer insights and optimize marketing strategies. Our online research panel and device tracking technology analyze consumer intent and real-life data. Our AI CDP integrates omnichannel data for personalized marketing solutions. In addition, our professional research team provides market research, industry strategy, social listening, and proactive monitoring services. With our comprehensive suite of services, businesses can make informed decisions, leverage data for personalized experiences, and drive impactful campaigns.

Big Data Collection Across Asia

Harness the power of big data to drive targeted and effective public marketing campaigns. With vast amounts of data from more than 200 million monthly digital footprints and close to 60 million readers, we can accurately identify and engage with the right audience. Our real-time data aggregation allows us to track advertising outcomes and consumer behavior, providing valuable insights for campaign optimization. Furthermore, our AI analytics platform leverages various data sources, including zero-, first-, and third-party data, to create comprehensive audience profiles and understand their behavior across multiple channels. As we expand into new markets across Asia, we continue to enhance our data tracking capabilities, ensuring our clients receive the most relevant and impactful PR solutions.

Ad Tech & Ad Sales

AI Ad Tech

Leverage our advanced advertising network to reach a vast online audience through our DSP platform. Backed by Ad2iction's exclusive data platform, we ensure high-quality network traffic to maximize your advertising impact. Our innovative SaaS solutions give easy access to creative and content management. With our user-friendly platform, advertisers can quickly generate a wide variety of creative assets and website content in under 5 minutes, saving time and resources. Take control of the advertising campaigns and unleash creativity with our efficient and intuitive SaaS tools.

Multi-media Advantages

Experience the power of advertising on our comprehensive platform that spans 21 distinct media brands, providing unparalleled diversity in content and user reach. We understand the evolving landscape of ad tech and its potential to drive revenue growth while optimizing resource allocation. Most low-tech clients in the Ad Sales and Agency & Communications business units embrace ad tech solutions, showcasing the industry's growing interest. Join us and capitalize on our unified platform's limitless possibilities for successful and profitable advertising campaigns.

IMC & Events Services

Integrated Marketing Communication

We provide comprehensive business and advertising solutions, including UX research, UI/UX design, social media, and strategic support. Leveraging robust big data and analysis, we empower clients with upsell opportunities. Our performance tracking, optimization, and post-testing tools offer accurate consumer insights and market research. With a data-driven approach and advanced technology, we deliver impactful, successful advertising campaigns and innovative business solutions.

Events & Strategic Planning

We host diverse events to boost brand equity and engage Millennials/GenZ in our target markets. Our events include technology shows, lectures, and insightful tech talks by leaders in the industry, government, and academia. We embrace diversity and create an inclusive environment where individuals of various backgrounds can connect. We facilitate fresh dialogues, sparking innovative business opportunities. We offer strategic planning, owned media management, website development, content creation, advertising, and sales tools development. We leverage our media expertise to provide comprehensive user-driven communication design and implementation support.


Our team possesses highly influential content e-commerce platforms that seamlessly integrates media and products, allowing us to directly connect with customers who have a strong need for our offerings. Through the power of crowdfunding, e-commerce store development, and marketing technology, we meticulously curate the finest selection of goods from vast amounts of data. By bridging products and services with readers, we stimulate purchases and create meaningful connections.

By developing our own e-commerce ecosystem, we harness our unique marketing resources and cutting-edge technology to attract a larger customer base. This enables us to meet the demands of the market and provide a seamless shopping experience for our valued customers.




2.5 Billion

Asian Millennials & Gen Z

Under 40s

Largest market demographic in the world

Asian Consumers

Expected to account for 50% of global consumer growth in 10 years


Market Opportunity

$10 Trillion

Asian Millennials & Gen Z


Highly educated, international, digital natives, luxury consumers, high-content demand


High-growth markets


Mario Yang

Co-Founder, Director, and Chief Content Officer of TNL Media Group

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