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2022/05/24 TNL Mediagene
Supports and comments have always been the driving force for TNL Media Group to progress continuously. In response to reader demands, TNL Media Group officially launches its fee-based services: TNL+ and INSIDE paid magazine “Big Future for Electric Vehicles.”

(May 24, 2022) TNL Media Group announces the official launch of fee-based content of its media. Following the launch of ad-free services in 2020, TNL Media Group continues to optimize its content and user experiences, and has acquired more than 1,000 subscribers.

Supports and comments have always been the driving force for TNL Media Group to progress continuously. In response to reader demands, TNL Media Group officially launches its fee-based services: TNL+ and INSIDE paid magazine.

With the spirit to “Inspire one’s ideas through multiple perspectives; broaden one’s horizon with different voices.” by various authors and editors, The News Lens will bring subscribers exclusive content, covering international relations, political analyses, historical overviews, artistic reviews, environment and energies, labor policies, education and learning. We understand not all topics above are popular, but we do believe they’re vital for readers to have a better understanding of the world. This program also includes ad-free service for an immersive reading experience.

The topic of the first issue of INSIDE’s paid magazine is “Big Future for Electric Vehicles.” INSIDE provided readers with industry knowledge and in-depth observations and comments for free in the past, and we know it can be done better. The magazine is launched to provide incisive and in-depth industry insights and help our readers make a fortune. The issue “Big Future for Electric Vehicles” comes with three main pillars: the rise of EVs, EV policies in different countries, and the deconstruction of composition and future of EVs in a total of 17 articles. The issue provides readers around the world with brand new perspectives, investment opportunities of EVs, an already important future trend and market influencer, helping them make accurate decisions.

The original ad-free program will be renamed TNL Friends, providing a new option for readers to improve their reading experience.

Founded in the summer of 2013, TNL Media Group has broadly expanded, launching English and Japanese versions aside from its initial Chinese version. It has also developed or acquired different media brands such as eld, INSIDE, Sports Vision, Cool3c, Agent Movie, and Ohsowow. With the vision to become one of the top media groups in Asia, we hope to serve a wide range of readers with different preferences.

Joey Chung, co-founder and CEO of TNL Media Group, said: “TNL Media Group has finally made its way to pay for content. We may not be the leader comparing to other media, but we believe with help of deepened content, data and technical abilities, we’ll be able to further communicate with our readers and the market through different contents.”

Mario Yang, co-founder and chief content officer said: “We know from the beginning that establishing a media is a long and arduous trail, and we also know from the beginning that as long as our partners believe in us and progress together, we can still prosper no matter how many obstacles there are ahead. Join TNL+, and progress together with us.”

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TNL Group is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising, data analytics, and media platforms for the Asian market.

TNL was launched in both Mandarin and English editions to provide inclusive, in-depth, diverse, and highly influential content for digital readers. 

It has since expanded and acquired a mobile ad network, big data research company, and launched a data analytics platform. As a result, the group can effectively grasp user information through zero-party, first-party, third-party databases, AI analysis, Martech, and other cross-domain core products.

TNL serves the public with news and informed commentary, empowers brands with data, and connects with technology, becoming an essential partner for the digital transformation needs of enterprises. 

TNL Group consists of seven content brands and ten subsidiaries, with over 230 staff members in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Japan. TNL Media Group’s existing high-profile investors include North Base Media, an original seed investor in The News Lens, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and famed Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper.

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