The News Lens invites former Sankei Shimbun’s Takeshi Yoshimura as Editor-in-chief for TNL Japan, to bring precise information to younger Japanese generations and strengthen Taiwan-Japan communication

2023/01/10 TNL Mediagene
Mario Yang, co-founder and chief content officer says: “Having Mr. Yoshimura leading TNL Japan is an important way we are starting anew in 2023, and it’s also an important and crucial step in our overseas expansions. Having Mr. Yoshimura on board undoubtedly gives TNL Japan a key figure and cornerstone.”

TNL Media Group, a multilingual independent media and data platform based in Taiwan, has announced that Takeshi Yoshimura, the former head of Sankei Shimbun ‪Taipei branch, has joined TNL Japan as Editor-in-chief. Mr. Yoshimura began editing TNL Japan this past December.

Mr. Yoshimura was born in Akashi, in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. While studying at Nihon University College of Law in 1988, he studied abroad at Peking University. After graduation, he joined Sankei Shimbun in 1990, and was in charge of covering two important cases in Japanese society: the Glico Morinaga case and the Sekihōtai case. He also had experiences tracking organized crimes and doing reports about the royal family. At the same time, he began to grow his interest in cross-strait relationships while interviewing Japanese in China and Chinese in Japan who had migrated after World War II.

Mr. Yoshimura was chosen and sent to National Taiwan University to study by Sankei Shimbun during 2006-2007, and served as head of Sankei Shimbun’s Taipei branch from 2011 to 2014. After returning to Japan, he wrote a thesis “Policy towards Japan and across the strait of Ma Ying-Jeou Regime” to obtain a master’s degree of international intelligence from Nihon University Graduate School. After that, he served as director and editorial committee member of Sankei Shimbun’s Hiroshima General Bureau, and retired at the end of 2019 to become a freelance reporter.

He recently published a book, Bloody Winds of Asia (アジア血風録) (MdN Shinsho) and has been writing articles for magazines and online media, mostly on topics relating to the Taiwan Strait. He also hosts Hyper J Channel’s’s program “Yoshimura Tsuyoshi’s Asia Newsbook” and “Talk about Taiwan, visit Taiwan (“话しTaiwan·行きTaiwan”)” and serves as part-time lecturer in the Department of Oceanography at Tunghai University.

According to Mr. Yoshimura, Japan and Taiwan are like brothers who share the same issues. Yet every year, 5 million Taiwanese people visit Japan, while only 2 million Japanese visit Taiwan annually, despite its much larger population. Many Taiwanese are familiar with Japan, and he wishes to make more Japanese familiar with Taiwan.

Mr. Yoshimura says, “We hope to bring accurate information to younger Japanese generations through TNL Japan’s collaborative editorial work. We seek to deeply interact with Taiwan, get to know more about each other in the process, and we look forward to forming strong relationships here.”

Mario Yang, co-founder and chief content officer says: “Having Mr. Yoshimura leading TNL Japan is an important way we are starting anew in 2023, and it’s also an important and crucial step in our overseas expansions. Having Mr. Yoshimura on board undoubtedly gives TNL Japan a key figure and cornerstone.”

After the 9-in-1 general election in Taiwan on November 26, Mr. Yoshimura invited Prof. Yoshiyuki Ogasawara, hailed by the media as a “god-like forecaster,” to write an exclusive article analyzing the election, which drew the attention of a broad audience. Under the guidance and planning of Mr. Yoshimura, TNL Japan will definitely generate high-quality content and attract more Japanese readers in the near future.

TNL Media Group now has Taiwan, Hong Kong, South East Asia, English, and Japanese editions. With a staff of over 300, TNL Media Group plans to continue expanding its readership size, international presence, strategic data partnerships and new technological capabilities. Its existing media brands now include The News Lens , INSIDE , Sports Vision , Cool3c , every little d , Agent Movie , OhsowowBusinessyee and iCook .


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