iCook Launches AI-assisted Recipe System – The News Lens Media Group’s AI Roadmap

2023/05/04 TNL Mediagene
iCook launched a new AI-assisted recipe system in their iOS and Android apps, aiming to help users create complete and accurate recipe content more easily and quickly.

TNL Media Group, a multilingual independent media and data platform based in Taiwan,acquired iCook, the largest cooking recipe platform in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau in 2022. Recently, iCook launched a new AI-assisted recipe system in their iOS and Android apps, aiming to help users create complete and accurate recipe content more easily and quickly.

The new AI-assisted system will provide creators of recipe content on the iCook platform with editing suggestions, including more accurate cooking times, more suitable ingredient combinations, and more appropriate cooking methods. In the past, it might have taken a long time to edit these details, but now with the help of AI, users can easily create complete and convenient recipes.

The system from iCook will offer personalized suggestions based on users’ cooking experience and preferences. iCook believes that the system will provide a better experience for recipe creators while also improving the quality and completeness of recipe content.

Joey Chung, CEO and Co-founder of The News Lens Media Group, said, “AI is an inevitable trend, and the entire group has started to deploy AI systems as a whole since 2023. Next, we will integrate group resources to launch multi-dimensional AI system services, officially facing the challenges of web3.”

Fox Hsiao, CEO and Co-founder of iCook, further explained, “The emergence of ChatGPT has had a huge impact on the world. We believe this is a whole new game. iCook has already responded to the opportunities that AI may bring. In addition to the AI-assisted recipe system, in the coming months, TNL Media Group will systematically continue to launch AI-related products to ensure that the group has a place in this global competition.”

TNL Media Group currently has nearly 300 employees and plans to continue expanding its reader base, international influence, strategic data partnerships, and new technology capabilities. Its existing media brands now include The News Lens, INSIDE, Sports Vision, Cool3c, every little d, Agent Movie, ohsowow, and Business Yee.

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