The News Lens, TVBS join forces to innovate Taiwan and international news experience with diverse perspectives

2023/07/31 TNL Mediagene
Readers will be able to access international news content meticulously produced by The News Lens on TVBS. They will also benefit from TVBS’s collaboration with “WorldView,” The News Lens’ video explainer offering in-depth analysis of international affairs.. Following The News Lens’ merger with Mediagene, Japan's largest digital-native media group, readers will be exposed to diverse Japanese perspectives across the media brands within the group.

TNL Mediagene, the parent group of The News Lens, has morphed into a media network with 21 outlets covering news, technology, finance, sports, and lifestyle, and offering content in Mandarin Chinese, English, and Japanese. following the merger with Mediagene, Japan’s largest digital native media group. To further enrich and enhance the reading experience, The News Lens has clinched a collaboration with TVBS, Taiwan’s first satellite TV station, providing audiences with more diverse and innovative perspectives.

The News Lens will provide elaborate international news content on the TVBS website. “WorldView,” the video explainer offering in-depth analysis of international affairs will also be collaborating with TVBS. Meanwhile, The News Lens will also republish society coverage from TVBS on its website. This collaboration marks The News Lens’ first attempt to cooperate with traditional media in Taiwan.

TNL Mediagene is actively integrating its internal resources. As the integration continues, readers will have access to content such as technology reporting from Gizmodo and business and financial news from Business Insider Japan on The News Lens or other outlets. These outlets provide unique perspectives from Japan, which will help Taiwanese readers to be more globally connected. To promote cultural exchange between Taiwan and Japan, The News Lens is also exploring opportunities to collaborate with other Japanese outlets within the group to offer unique Taiwanese perspectives to Japanese readers.

Mario Yang, co-founder and content director of TNL Mediagene, expressed high expectations for this collaboration. “Through our in-depth cooperation with TVBS, we hope to provide all audiences with a more diverse, comprehensive and innovative news and information platform, further expanding and deepening the news vision of Taiwan and the international community.”

The News Lens is affiliated with TNL Mediagene. Its other brands include INSIDE, Sports Vision, Cool3c, everylittled, Agent Movie, Ohsowow, Business Yee, and iCook. From 2019 to 2021, TNL Media Group has successively acquired big data market research company TNL Research, digital advertising company Ad2iction, S.C. Communications Integrated Marketing, and launched DaEX Intelligent. In 2023, TNL Media Group also merged with Mediagene, Japan’s largest digital native media group.With 55 million domestic and foreign monthly users and 200 million page views, TNL Mediagene has become the most trusted corporate marketing and digital transformation partner for readers in the Asian market.

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