"Decisive Decade, Future Vision" TNL Mediagene’s 10th Anniversary Invites Taiwan Microsoft, Minister of Digital Affairs Audrey Tang, and Other Special Guests to Envision Future Trends

2023/07/26 TNL Mediagene
TNL Mediagene celebrates its 10th anniversary and invites distinguished guests from industry, government, and academia to discuss the future of media, AI technology, geopolitics, and media values. Attendees reconsidered the media's role in business and social communication and discussed its direction in the next decade.

TNL Mediagene, a pioneering media group that integrates technology and data-driven strategy, marked its 10th year of operation in June.

Reflecting on the milestones over the past decade, The News Lens was launched on social networking platforms in 2013, has grown into one of Asia's largest digital media platforms after merging with Mediagene Inc. in Tokyo this May to form TNL Mediagene. A recent press release projects that it will be the first Asian digital media group to go public in the United States in Q1 2024.

TNL Mediagene held the "Decisive Decade, Future Vision: 10th Anniversary Forum and Appreciation Banquet" in mid-June. It expressed gratitude to its industry partners and invited several influential figures, including Vice Premier Cheng Wen-Tsan, Minister of Digital Affairs Audrey Tang, Taipei City Mayor Wayne Chiang, Microsoft Taiwan General Manager Sean Pien, Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin, and Media Veteran Shen Chun-Hwa, to engage in a series of dialogues with TNL Mediagene CEO and co-founder Joey Chung, Chief Content Officer and co-founder Mario Yang, and Mediagene co-founder Hiroto Kobayashi.

The discussion covered various topics like group development, AI technology, geopolitics, and media values, with attendees reflecting on the interconnectedness of media, business, and social communication, and predicting the path ahead in the next decade.

In light of the broader environment, the attendees touched upon policy improvement, ongoing content cultivation, and the importance of public-private partnership in preserving diverse and inclusive social values

The event kicked off with Vice Premier Cheng Wen-Tsan, who discussed recent domestic technology and media-related policies. Cheng highlighted that the government has revised laws and regulations to tackle platform fraud and misinformation through ad transparency and administrative penalties.

AI technology and data tech are key areas of Taiwan’s development focus for the coming decade. Not only does the National Science and Technology Council and Ministry of Digital Affairs have plans in progress, but the Basic AI Law, jointly drafted by these entities and the NCC, is expected to be completed by September. The government's goal is to ensure a comprehensive and secure media environment.

Vice Premier Cheng Wen-Tsan
Vice Premier Cheng Wen-Tsan

In addition, Taipei City Mayor Wayne Chiang and Minister of Digital Affairs Audrey Tang, who could not attend the event due to official obligations, offered their congratulations through pre-recorded messages.

Wayne Chiang reminisced about his days as the TNL's lawyer in its early phase and expressed his appreciation for The News Lens and its commitment to diverse perspectives and independent, impartial reporting.

Audrey Tang, who made a surprising online appearance at the end of this event, stated that the fusion of new digital media and Taiwan's robust communication infrastructure had made the internet a space for public discussion. She commended TNL Mediagene's efforts to cultivate discerning and digitally literate citizens through impartial reporting, praising their contribution to social welfare and freedom of speech.

Ten-year vision: Voices from Asia - Pan-Asian digital media group TNL Mediagene

Under the theme, "Voices from Asia: Pan-Asian Digital Media Group TNL Mediagene," the first dialogue invited Joey Chung and Hiroto Kobayashi to discuss cross-border mergers, future strategies, and their potential impact on the media landscape.

Hiroto Kobayashi stated that TNL Mediagene holds a competitive edge in advertising technology (Adtech) and marketing technology (Martech), and that "Media as a Service" is an inevitable trend. He expressed optimism about the opportunities that could arise from leveraging TNL Mediagene's technical expertise and capabilities of content creation after post-merger integration. If it is successful in integrating data across the Asia-Pacific region, TNL Medigene would strengthen their position in international negotiations and mark a significant milestone in representing Asia's voice, besides CNN or Bloomberg.

(Left) Co-Funder of Mediagene Inc. Hiroto Kobayashi, (Right) Co-Funder and CEO of TNL Mediagene Joey Chung
(Left) Co-Funder of Mediagene Inc. Hiroto Kobayashi, (Right) Co-Funder and CEO of TNL Mediagene Joey Chung

Rising technology, booming startups, and cross-domain capabilities are the key to success in the next decade

In addition to the group’s future development and prospects, the second key dialogue “From Geopolitics, AI and Media Values, Witnessing the Key Taiwan of the Next Decade” invited Taiwan Microsoft General Manager Sean Pien, Taiwan Mobile President Jamie Lin, Media Veteran Shen Chun-Hwa and TNL Mediagene Content Director and co-founder Mario to discuss where the world will go in the next decade and where we will be.

The second key dialogue, "From Geopolitics, AI, and Media Values, to Witnessing the Key Taiwan of the Next Decade," invited Sean Pien, Jamie Lin, Shen Chun-Hwa and Mario Yang to discussions on the future path of the world and Taiwan.

General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan Sean Pien
General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan Sean Pien

Sean Pien, despite acknowledging the current challenges, expressed extreme optimism about Taiwan's technology trends in the next decade due to favorable conditions like infrastructure, talent, government support, and semiconductor experience. He highlighted the potential of cross-domain talents in helping Taiwan adapt to new technologies.

President of Taiwan Mobile Jamie Lin
President of Taiwan Mobile Jamie Lin

Jamie Lin voiced his optimism about the future of the startup industry, citing changes in Taiwan's capital market preferences and the push for digital transformation among enterprises. Lin also stressed the importance of learning about history and culture in an AI-driven world.

Co-Funder and COO of TNL Mediagene Mario Yang
Co-Funder and COO of TNL Mediagene Mario Yang

Supporting the next era of change with valuable information

Reflecting on the potential technological changes in the upcoming decade, Mario Yang reiterated TNL Mediagene's commitment to providing valuable information, regardless of the medium. He said that while the device might change from a mobile phone to smart glasses, the mission of delivering valuable content would not waver.

Veteran Media Perfessional Shen Chun-Hwa
Veteran Media Perfessional Shen Chun-Hwa

Shen Chun-Hwa wrapped up the discussion by acknowledging the challenges of the next decade, but emphasized the importance of having a long-term vision and understanding core media values. She expressed hope that under Joey and Mario's leadership, TNL Mediagene will continue to be a media outlet with diverse perspectives.

The event concluded with a heartfelt gratitude to all partners who stood by TNL Mediagene during its crucial decade. It was a memorable and pivotal occasion, attended by representatives from various industries, to mark the history written by "The News Lens." Despite the journey's difficulties, the celebration marked the stepping stone of TNL Mediagene into a new era, rising to both challenges and opportunities in the future. TNL Mediagene, with its commitment to unbiased and valuable reporting, is prepared to navigate this new landscape.

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