INFOBAHN Teams Up with PR Consulting Dentsu to Develop Editorial and PR-Driven Media Support Solution

2023/09/20 TNL Mediagene
INFOBAHN Inc.(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Hiroto Kobayashi; President : Junya Tanaka), which supports companies' use of owned media with editorial thinking, has been offering the "Co-Creation-Oriented Owned Media Support Solution" in collaboration with PR Consulting Dentsu Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masahiro Makiguchi; hereafter "PRCD") since August 3,

In today's world, businesses need to foster affiliated relationships that align with ethical values in a sustainable and diverse society. Beyond consumers and customers, it is also about connecting with shareholders, and employees and their families. Owned media1 plays a pivotal role here, facilitating genuine and ethical dialogues with different  communities. It is more about building understanding and empathy, rather than just broadcasting messages.

Our solution redefines the essence of owned media – it is about fostering genuine connections, instead of only broadcasting messages. With Infobahn's expertise in crafting user-centric content and PRCD's know-how for catching up with societal trends, we offer comprehensive support from strategy formulation to hands-on execution.

Moving forward, both INFOBAHN and PRCD are deeply committed to their synergy effect. Our combined strengths in the “editorial” and “PR” thought processes will guide companies to forge more impactful and authentic relationships with their stakeholders.

Co-Creation-Oriented Owned Media Support Solution: An Overview

At its core, our solution is designed to foster enhanced communication through owned media. Our approach is grounded in both "editorial thinking" and "PR thinking," ensuring a comprehensive, modern approach to media management.

Strategic Design & Development
By integrating "editorial thinking" and "PR thinking", we delve into a company's PR narrative and brand essence. Our focus is broad—spanning from societal implications to individual user insights. This allows us to craft tailor-made strategies and operational roadmaps for our target audiences, aiming for shifts in attitudes and the realization of set objectives.

Creative Production & Execution
Infobahn's expertise, honed over the years, plays a pivotal role here. We do not just narrate brand stories; we weave narratives that bridge companies, users, and the larger community. With a harmonious combination of AI and human intelligence, we produce compelling content, gauge its impact, and iteratively enhance its reach and resonance.

Risk Management in Expression
Leveraging PRCD's risk management prowess, we meticulously evaluate potential pitfalls in content creation. Our goal is twofold: to create content that resonates positively with society and gains users’ trust, while protecting the brand's reputation from potential harm.

1Media strategies and communications for companies, products, and services, whether online or offline, are classified into four categories in the PESO model, one of which is owned media: corporate sites, brand sites, and web magazine-type sites, social media accounts, PR magazines, and stores.

Please contact us for more information about the detailed measures and implementation costs of this plan.

About Infobahn Inc.
‟Creating Dialogue, Creating Value”
We are a value creation partner that uses creativity to fulfill corporate social responsibility.  Founded as a publishing business since 1998, we have grown by adapting to the evolution of times.We continue to expand the scope of our business, from online and offline marketing support centered on owned media, to service design such as design research and social design, and innovative  human resource development.

About PR Consulting Dentsu Inc.
Since its establishment in 1961, PR Consulting Dentsu Inc. has supported reputation management as a strategic partner to corporations, governments, municipalities, and organizations in Japan and abroad. A total of approximately 300 employees work together with clients to contribute to social innovation through data analysis, content development based on insights gained from that analysis, and optimal information distribution design.

In 2009 and 2015, PR Consulting Dentsu was awarded "Japan Consultancy of the Year" for ranking the best PR firm in Japan. Moreover, In 2018, it received "North Asia PR Consultancy of the Year" by PRovoke Media (formerly Holmes Report). PR Consulting Dentsu is a specialist firm within the Dentsu Group in the area of PR.

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