TNL Mediagene Excels By Receiving Five Awards at the Agency & Advertiser of the Year Awards 2023

2024/01/12 TNL Mediagene
TNL Mediagene, was recognized with five marketing awards on January 8, including Marketing Services Provider, Exhibition Marketing, News Reporting, Rising Star, and Corporate Social Responsibility. TNL Mediagene thanked the judges for their support of the group's products and emphasized its commitment to continuous improvement in digital technology and the production of high-quality content.

The 19th annual Marketing and Communications Excellence Awards were announced on the evening of January 8, 2024. TNL Mediagene, through its brands The News Lens and Ad2iction, received five awards, including:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  • Exhibition Marketing of the Year
  • News Reporting of the Year
  • Marketing Services Provider of the Year
  • Rising Star of the Year

This is the fourth time that TNL Mediagene has been recognized by the awards, following its 2022 wins of the News Media Company of the Year and Marketing Services Provider of the Year awards. The two gold and three bronze awards are a testament to the group's outstanding contributions to news reporting and innovative marketing, as well as its efforts in the areas of news reporting, AI data analytics and marketing technology.

The specific award winners are as follows:

TNL Mediagene co-founder and CEO Joey Chung said, "The News Lens started as a small website, and after merging with Japan's largest digital media group Mediagene last year, it is now the first media service platform in the international Chinese community to combine cross-border content with data technology. The 2023 Marketing and Communications Excellence Awards show that the efforts of TNL Mediagene, from its beginnings as an independent media company to its expansion into AI data analytics and marketing technology, have been recognized by professionals. This also motivates us to provide higher-quality and more accurate content and digital technology services."

Looking forward to the future, TNL Mediagene will continue to lead the innovation of digital technology and media. By deepening content curation and data analysis, the group will enhance the digital experience for our  brand clients and provide more diverse and enriching content for readers in Taiwan, Japan, and throughout Pan-Asia.

About TNL Mediagene

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TNL Mediagene is one of the fastest-growing digital advertising, data analytics, and media platform for the Pan-Asian market. Established with Mandarin, English, and Japanese editions, TNL Mediagene offers comprehensive, profound, and diversified content of significant influence to global digital readers. Over time, it has further extended its reach, acquiring a mobile ad network, a big data research firm, and introducing a data analytics platform. This strategic expansion allows the group to adeptly capture user insights through zero-party, first-party, third-party databases, AI-driven analysis, Martech, and other cross-domain core products.

TNL Mediagene serves the public with news and informed commentaries, empowers brands with data, and connects with technology, becoming an essential partner for the digital transformation needs of enterprises. TNL Mediagene comprises twenty-two content brands and thirteen subsidiaries, with over 560 staff members in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Japan. TNL Mediagene’s existing high-profile investors include North Base Media, an original seed investor in The News Lens, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, famed Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper, Japanese digital advertising agency D.A.Consortium Inc. and Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa, CEO of FAN Communications Inc..

For more information, please visit the Group's website.

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