The Premier Event for Generative AI in Taiwan! TNL Mediagene and Generative AI Conference Committee to Host Generative AI Week

2024/01/30 TNL Mediagene
TNL Mediagene and the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee are partnering to host the Generative AI Week, a gathering of top experts to explore the latest AI trends. The event will feature a conference, workshops, and a networking reception, with the goal of promoting AI development and increased understanding of generative AI among professionals and the public.

TNL Mediagene announced that it will partner with the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee to host the 2024 edition of Generative AI Week. The event will feature the latest generative AI research and application trends to professionals and the public. Through a series of activities, Generative AI Week will provide a platform for participants from different industries to gain a deeper understanding of generative AI.

Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can create new texts, images, music, and videos. In recent years, generative AI technology has made rapid progress and has been widely applied in various fields.

The highlights of Generative AI Week include:

  • Generative AI Conference: The conference will feature keynotes from leading experts, including former Google Taiwan Managing Director Lee-Feng Chien, 91APP CPO Happy Lee, and National Chengchi University Assistant Professor Richy Li. The conference will also feature panel discussions and breakout sessions on a variety of topics related to generative AI.
  • Workshops, Forums, and Generative AI Gatherings: A series of workshops, forums, and generative AI gatherings will be held to provide participants with opportunities to learn more about generative AI and apply it in practice.

TNL Mediagene co-founder and CEO Joey Chung said, "We are excited to partner with the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee to host Generative AI Week. In 2022, before ChatGPT sparked a global wave, TNL Mediagene had already deployed developers to work on generative AI applications and has since applied them to our media and digital products. We hope that this event will help more people understand the potential of generative AI and work together to promote AI development."

Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee convener Muyueh Lee said, "TNL Mediagene plays a crucial role in offering vital information to a diverse audience daily, equipping them to navigate and adapt in an ever-evolving global landscape. This mission resonates with the symbolism of our generative AI conference logo - the wave. It signifies how AI is ushering in a profound and widespread transformation, impacting individuals across all lifestyles. In the face of the AI wave, we realize that only through human cooperation can we run faster than AI. I am personally looking forward to this collaboration with TNL Mediagene."

Generative AI Week will feature three main themes: The conference will focus on case studies of AI adoption in the workplace, workshops will provide participants with hands-on learning opportunities, and the networking reception will provide a space for AI industry professionals to connect with each other.

Generative AI Week is a must-attend event for professionals who desire to gain a deeper understanding of the future of generative AI, and for the general public who are curious about AI and want to learn more.

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About the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee

"We have witnessed a pivotal moment in our era. Just like you, facing the colossal wave of AI that's approaching, we realize that only through mutual human collaboration can we outrun AI."

The Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee is responsible for hosting the annual Generative AI Conference and monthly community gatherings. These events are not only a platform for knowledge sharing, but also a stage: many speakers choose to present the latest AI applications of their organizations on this stage. Generative AI-related events have received a satisfaction rate of up to 97% from participants, and have been praised by participants as "the most comprehensive and high-level discussion in Taiwan."

The core members of the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee are: Muyueh Lee and Liang-Bin Hsueh. Muyueh Lee is the head of Muyueh Lee Company. Muyueh Lee Company provides consulting services to businesses on the adoption of generative AI, and also hosts the related activities of the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee. Liang-Bin Hsueh is the co-founder of AI startup MeetTomorrow Inc., which creates MeetAndy, a personal AI assistant, and is also a technical advisor to Hive Ventures, contributing his wealth of industry experience to the committee.

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