TNL Mediagene Launches "Aces’ Future Dining Table Project" - A Special Regional Revitalization Scheme

2024/02/02 TNL Mediagene
The brand "Becoming Aces," under the TNL Mediagene, held the "Aces Dining Table Project" exhibition at the B7 Cultural Gallery space in the first terminal of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

The annual "Becoming Aces Presentation Event" organized by TNL Mediagene has become a hall of all selected future aces since its inaugural session in 2015, taking place at the end of each year.

In November 2023, the Becoming Aces Presentation Event brought together ingredients from producers across Taiwan, transforming them into delectable dishes and hosting the "Aces’ Future Dining Table Project" exclusively dedicated to all selected individuals. Beyond the lively banquet, it also encapsulated the emerging voice of young advocates in society. Today, this enthusiasm has transcended borders, reaching the international stage with an exhibition at the B7 Cultural Gallery space in the first terminal of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, invited by Ever Rich.

Mario Yang, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of TNL Mediagene, who played a pivotal role in bringing the Becoming Aces event to life, shared his sentiments: "At that time, we were a young media outlet and wanted to showcase the young people who were changing society to a broader Taiwanese audience through this event. Being able to curate the exhibition from the city to the national gateway fulfilled our intention to spread a greater influence and let more people feel the power of youth. This is a very important matter for us."

The Aces’ Future Dining Table Project, curated at the airport, emphasizes three core themes: "local culture, youth advocacy, and sustainable environment." The focal point of the exhibition space is the group of future aces diligently cultivating local industries across Taiwan, from the north to the south and east. They deeply engage with their communities, proudly producing Taiwanese products such as cucumbers, pineapples, bananas, rice, shiitake mushrooms, charcoal-roasted longan, and handcrafted charcoal-brewed black bean soy sauce.

They communicate with this generation through ingredients, not only providing high-quality Taiwanese products but also advocating for youth causes, such as fish education, organic-friendly land, promoting local customs, and sustainable traditional sauce-making culture. We gather ingredients and advocacy from all producers, setting up a real dining table in the middle of the exhibition area. Through the "Around Taiwan with Super Local Flavor" video series shot by the YouTuber couple “FuFuKnows”, viewers can virtually travel to every corner of Taiwan right from the dining table.

The final core of the curation is "sustainability," reflecting the concept of sustainability from the Becoming Aces Presentation Event. The exhibition space embodies the idea of "reuse," where materials like the colored acrylic panels used at the event are transported to the exhibition site for continued use, aiming to minimize waste.

Mario Yang further shares, "Through this exhibition, we hope that more people will discover that there is a group of young people in Taiwan creatively doing what matters most to us. We welcome those heading abroad to take some time to visit, check-in, and take photos. Experience being a future ace together."

What started as a real action has evolved into a four-month exhibition project. The voices and efforts of the young should not only remain hidden in corners of Taiwan. We hope that this curation project, themed "local revitalization," at Taiwan's national gateway for the first time, brings some unique changes to Taiwan and the international scene.

For more details about the Becoming Aces’ Future Dining Table Project at the airport, please refer to the "Aces’ Future Dining Table Project Curation Event."

About Becoming Aces

Becoming Aces is a platform officially launched by TNL Mediagene in 2015. We seek out young talents under the age of 35 who are changing the society in their own specialized areas. Through the power of the media, we present their stories and help amplify their dreams and ideas. Our core value lies in "returning the definition of success to each individual.

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