The Marketing Conference "DIGIDAY COMMERCE FORUM" Exploring Hints For Future Commerce Strategies Will Be Held On March 19th. 

2024/03/13 TNL Mediagene
DIGIDAY JAPAN, TNL Mediagene’s content media brand, will host the marketing conference "DIGIDAY COMMERCE FORUM" at WITH HARAJUKU HALL in Tokyo on Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

Mediagene aims to contribute to solving social issues such as environmental problems and diversity & inclusion through its media business. To foster innovations that lead to the resolution of social issues, we support companies' businesses by holding workshops and events for them. Moreover, we support the digitalization of the publishing industry, which is a source of innovation, by delivering quality content and promoting the health and normalization of internet advertising.

As part of these efforts, DIGIDAY JAPAN provides a platform for information dissemination and exchange of opinions within the industry through the organization of numerous events throughout the year. The latest of these events is the "DIGIDAY COMMERCE FORUM."


DIGIDAY COMMERCE FORUM is a conference for brands and retailers seeking new commerce strategies in response to rapidly changing market environments. Participants can learn about commerce strategies and technologies, marketing best practices, and the latest trends utilized by leading companies.

The theme of this conference is "LOYALTY AND LTV - Creating Lifetime Value Together with Customers." This theme emphasizes exploring the nature of customer relationships beyond mere repeat purchases or visits, especially in the context of disruptive changes in the digital realm, such as the phasing out of AI and third-party cookies. It aims to foster discussions on updating how to connect with customers.

With the diversification of consumer behavior and the rising cost of acquiring customers, it has become increasingly important for sellers to establish deep and long-lasting relationships with their customers. Sustainable connections not only increase revenue but also deepen sellers' understanding of their customers and foster customer loyalty. This conference will explore new values in commerce, with examples from sellers who embody this virtuous cycle through the use of data and digital technologies.

The conference will delve into strategies for advancing commerce, discussing how to maintain customer relationships beyond the point of purchase, enhance satisfaction, and keep offerings fresh and engaging to foster passionate fans.

On the day of the conference, executives from various brands will gather to explore hints for future commerce strategies.

Further details on speakers and session content will be updated on the official event website.

Conference Details

Main Theme: LOYALTY AND LTV - Creating Lifetime Value Together with Customers
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 15:00 start - expected to end around 19:30
Venue: WITH HARAJUKU HALL (1-14-30 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001)
Format: Offline
Number of Participants: About 50 (expected)
35~40 VIP invitees (decision-makers from brands or retailers involved in retail, distribution, e-commerce, mail order)
10~20 partners (technology vendors, advertising agencies, etc.)
Participating Companies: ACRO / BRAIN SLEEP, Credit Saison, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores, FELISSIMO, FineToday, GOLDWIN, graniph, JUN, Kagome, kasumi, Mars Japan, Nakano Seiyaku, NIVEA KAO, Onward Digital Lab, Onward Kashiyama, Rohto Pharmaceutical ,Sogo & Seibu, Starbucks Coffee Japan, TOMY, UCC Japan, UNITED ARROWS, Yamaha Corporation, and others
*As of March 4th (Monday)
*Company names in alphabetical order, corporate titles omitted

Official Site (for ticket purchase):

Participation Fee: Tickets 77,000 yen (tax included)

General participation tickets provide an excellent networking opportunity with VIPs.
*8-Minute Meeting participation is not included.

Special Offer: 

30% OFF ticket price
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*All prices include tax.

*Please note that the conference date and venue are subject to change.
*Please understand that changes in personnel or absences may occur due to participants' circumstances or the situation.

DIGIDAY JAPAN is a media brand that aims to contribute to their development through events and community management. As a vertical media outlet under DIGIDAY JAPAN, we also have a lineup of GLOSSY JAPAN, “media that explores the future of the beauty and fashion industry,” and Modern Retail Japan , “media that conveys the cutting edge of retail industry innovation.

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