The Marketing Conference "DPS2024" Bringing Together Top Media and Entertainment Leaders Will Be Held on May 30

2024/04/29 TNL Mediagene
DIGIDAY JAPAN, operated by Mediagene Inc. of TNL Mediagene’s group company (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Motoko Imada), will host the marketing conference "DIGIDAY PUBLISHING SUMMIT 2024” ( will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2024 at Dragon Gate in Tokyo.

Mediagene aims to contribute to solving social issues such as environmental problems and diversity & inclusion through its media business. To foster innovations that lead to the resolution of social issues, we support companies' businesses by holding workshops and events for them. Moreover, we support the digitalization of the publishing industry, which is a source of innovation, by delivering quality content and promoting the health and normalization of internet advertising.

As part of these efforts, DIGIDAY JAPAN provides a platform for information dissemination and exchange of opinions within the industry through the organization of numerous events throughout the year. The latest of these events is "DIGIDAY PUBLISHING SUMMIT 2024”.

The theme for 2024 is LIFE AFTER THE PAGEVIEWS. Explore the future of media by unraveling outstanding content

DIGIDAY PUBLISHING SUMMIT brings together executives from a variety of domestic and international publishers each year to discuss everything from the challenges of the digital shift to new business strategies, and to engage in multifaceted discussions about the future of media.

The event theme for 2024 is "LIFE AFTER THE PAGEVIEWS. The rise of AI, declining profitability of programmatic, oligopoly by platforms, increasing audience complexity, and intensifying attention economy. A variety of factors are intertwined, and it is believed that media power on digital is slowly fading away. However, the power of content that is truly valuable to audiences has not been lost. Streaming services, Hollywood, gaming, social networking, and all other areas are valuing and benefiting from great "content," not PV or impressions.

On the day of the event, we will explore the last key to the next stage of growth: "content".

Speakers and session content will be updated on the official event website (

Conference Details

Dates: May 30, 2024 (Thursday) 8:30 a.m. Visitor registration starts ~ around 8:30 p.m. (scheduled to end around 8:30 p.m.) 
Venue: Dragon Gate, Shibuya Parco (18F Shibuya Parco DG Building, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042) 
Format: Offline 
Number of Participants: About 110 (expected)

  • 50~60: Invited VIPs (managers and executives from publishers [newspapers, publishers, TV stations, digital media, etc.] involved in media/digital/advertising/content IP business, etc.) 
  • 60~70: Partners (technology vendors, etc.) 
    Participating Companies: Bungeishunju / DIAMOND / FINANCIAL TIMES / Golf Digest Online / ITmedia / Impress Holdings / J-CAST / The Kobe Shimbun / mediavague / PRESIDENT / SOCIO CORPORATION / Sankei Digital / Shufu to Seikatsu Sha / Shobunsha Holdings / Sekaibunka Wonder Group / Tastemade Japan / TV TOKYO Communications Corporation / TOYO KEIZAI and more
    *As of April 19 (Friday) 
    *Company names in alphabetical order, corporate titles omitted

Official Website (for ticket details and purchase):

Participation Fee:

▼TICKET 154,000 yen (tax included)
This is a general admission ticket to the event.

  • Event pass: 1 ticket
  • Table Discussion: open to attendees

▼STARTER VIP 473,000 yen (tax included)
This ticket includes an 8-minute VIP meeting and access to the VIP lead list, providing a great networking opportunity to connect with VIPs.

  • Event pass: 1 ticket
  • Table discussions: available
  • 8-minute VIP meeting: 4 companies (you can meet with 4 VIPs of your choice)
  • Access to VIP Lead List: Available (you will be provided with the names, email addresses, company, department, and job title of VIPs who attended on-site on the day of the event)

Special Offer

10% OFF the ticket price

Registering for the premium plan of the DIGIDAY JAPAN membership program "DIGIDAY+" allows you to use a promotion code for 10-40% off DIGIDAY event ticket prices throughout the year.

After applying the 10% off promotion code: 154,000 yen → 138,600 yen / 473,000 yen → 425,700 yen

30% OFF Premium Plan Enrollment

Now, we are distributing a coupon for 30% off Premium Plan enrollment for the first 20 customers only. Please use the coupon code [8G6HVMZGVI] for 30% off Premium Plan enrollment. To enroll, please visit the DIGIDAY+ service website ( 

Coupon expiration date: May 29, 2024 
After applying the 30% off coupon for "DIGIDAY+" Premium Plan enrollment: 39,600 yen/year → 27,720 yen

*All prices above include tax.

DIGIDAY JAPAN is a media brand that aims to contribute to their development through events and community management. As a vertical media outlet under DIGIDAY JAPAN, we also have a lineup of GLOSSY JAPAN, “media that explores the future of the beauty and fashion industry,” and Modern Retail Japan,“ media that conveys the cutting edge of retail industry innovation.

For further information, please contact 
Mediagene Inc. Public Relations 

About TNL Mediagene

TNL Mediagene is Asia’s next-generation media company built around a portfolio of diverse and trusted digital media brands and a suite of AI-powered advertising and data analytics solutions. TNL Mediagene offers a wide-range of trusted digital media content in Japanese, Chinese and English to audiences primarily in Japan and Taiwan, with a vision to expand into other key East and Southeast Asian markets, and provides a suite of AI-powered advertising and data analytics technology tools and digital studio solutions  that allow advertisers to connect with Millennials and Gen Zers in Asia. Its market-leading mobile ad network, data analytics and AI-powered advertising services allow the group to adeptly capture and offer advertisers and marketing customers deep user insights through zero-, first- and second-party databases and higher ROAS.

At the end of February 2024,  TNL Mediagene’s 22 media brands  in Japan and Taiwan deliver high-quality, independent digital media content on subjects ranging from news and business, B2B media, technology and lifestyle and food to sports and entertainment. The company has offices in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Its investors include North Base Media; YouTube co-founder Steve Chen; Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin; Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper; Japanese digital advertising agency D.A. Consortium Inc.; and Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa, CEO of FAN Communications Inc. It has announced plans to go public on Nasdaq via a merger with Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: BOCN).

For more information, please visit the Group's website.

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