TNL Mediagene, 91APP to Build New, AI-powered Retail Media Network

2024/04/30 TNL Mediagene
RMN 2.0 brings together the strengths of Asia’s next-generation media group with Taiwan's leading listed D2C SaaS provider, to give advertisers a powerful new tool to reach audiences where they shop.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, and TOKYO, Japan (April 30th, 2024) -- TNL Mediagene, Asia’s next-generation digital media company, announced it would collaborate with 91APP, Taiwan's leading listed D2C SaaS provider for commerce, to develop a new Retail Media Network, RMN 2.0.

Powered by 91APP’s "jooii®" AI application and integrated with data and insights from TNL Mediagene's 22 media brands in Japan and Taiwan, RMN 2.0 is aimed at enhancing advertisers access to customers where they shop. As traditional digital advertisers look for better ways to reach audiences after “cookies” are eliminated on many platforms, the value of data, in particular in retail settings where audience already are likely to transact, is enormous, according to Joey Chung, the CEO and co-founder of TNL Mediagene. 

TNL Mediagene not only possesses strong media influence, broad audience reach, digital technology capabilities, and data processing capabilities, but also continuously develops ways to effectively utilize data and offer precise marketing while protecting user privacy. The group's Ad2 unit is the leading digital-advertising network in Taiwan. Its collaboration with 91APP will make it the preferred platform for retail media as well, Joey said.

In response to the evolving D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) and brick-and-mortar e-Commerce trends, 91APP, the first SaaS software service company and OMO (Offline-Merge-Online) retail software cloud services provider to have the prestigious honor of being listed on the TPEx in Taiwan, offers a comprehensive Commerce Solution and Marketing Solution integrated with its proprietary retail AI model, "jooii®". This integration leverages "jooii®" to enhance retail strategies by delivering actionable insights and tailored recommendations to retail brands. The RMN 2.0 collaboration with TNL Mediagene further expands the reach of "jooii®" in the retail sector. 91APP General Manager Yang, Ming-Fang stated: "With the phase-out of third-party cookies, RMN 2.0 is expected to promote the development of advertising media and the enhancement of future personalized marketing."

"This partnership with 91APP marks a cross-border milestone for media and retail e-commerce. With the assistance of AI, advertising placements and precision marketing will become more efficient, offering users more relevant product recommendations and a sense of integration, satisfying the needs of both users and advertisers and achieving a win-win situation," TNL Mediagene’s Joey Chung said. "The group's continuous investment in technological research and development is part of our integrated strategy of using data insights, AI and technology, and strong advertiser relations to build and sustain a strong media platform for the next generation.”

About 91APP

Established in 2013, 91APP, Inc. (Stock code 6741) is the first SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) software service company to have the prestigious honor of being listed on the TPEx in Taiwan, and the leading provider of D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) and OMO (Offline-Merge-Online) retail software cloud services. The company has assisted numerous well-known international brand groups, medium to large-sized retail brands, and channels in rapidly achieving digital transformation, laying out brick-and-mortar e-Commerce, and realizing D2C and omnichannel OMO operational benefits. With its headquarters located in Taipei and overseas operations in Hong Kong and Malaysia, the company has over 600 employees. 91APP has been recognized as one of Taiwan’s "Next Big" companies by Startup Island TAIWAN and is the only e-Commerce company to receive this prestigious national recognition.

About TNL Mediagene

TNL Mediagene is Asia’s next-generation media company built around a portfolio of diverse and trusted digital media brands and a suite of AI-powered advertising and data analytics solutions. TNL Mediagene offers a wide-range of trusted digital media content in Japanese, Chinese and English to audiences primarily in Japan and Taiwan, with a vision to expand into other key East and Southeast Asian markets, and provides a suite of AI-powered advertising and data analytics technology tools and digital studio solutions  that allow advertisers to connect with Millennials and Gen Zers in Asia. Its market-leading mobile ad network, data analytics and AI-powered advertising services allow the group to adeptly capture and offer advertisers and marketing customers deep user insights through zero-, first- and second-party databases and higher ROAS.

At the end of February 2024,  TNL Mediagene’s 22 media brands  in Japan and Taiwan deliver high-quality, independent digital media content on subjects ranging from news and business, B2B media, technology and lifestyle and food to sports and entertainment. The company has offices in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Its investors include North Base Media; YouTube co-founder Steve Chen; Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin; Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper; Japanese digital advertising agency D.A. Consortium Inc.; and Yasuyoshi Yanagisawa, CEO of FAN Communications Inc. It has announced plans to go public on Nasdaq via a merger with Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: BOCN).

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