iGood: Goods for You - TNL Mediagene’s Curated Recommendation Media Brand Relaunches

2024/05/28 TNL Mediagene
iGood was launched in 2022 with the core concept of "helping consumers find the most suitable goods easily." This time, through significant changes to the logo and website design, iGood aims to enhance user trust and expand brand partnerships.

Today (28th) TNL Mediagene officially announced a significant update to the logo and website design of its curated recommendation media brand, "iGood". The overall style has been made warmer and more stable. This redesign aims at enhancing brand recognition, increasing user trust, and expanding partnerships.

Launched in 2022, with the core concept of "helping consumers easily find the most suitable goods," iGood aims to connect users with various life scenarios, providing information on new products and product reviews across different fields. Based on editorial insights, selection expertise, product comparisons, and online reviews, iGood compiles selection principles and product recommendations to accompany consumers through each stage of their shopping journey. Currently, iGood recommends over 3000 items across more than 12 product categories.

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with product information, making it more confusing and time-consuming for consumers to find their desired products. According to the "Google Smart Shopper Insights Report 2022" and the "PwC Global Consumer Insights Survey 2023," "consumers use about 7-12 information sources during a shopping journey," and “55% of consumers list search engines as their primary source for gathering information before shopping.”

According to the above surveys, the process of gathering information is very time-consuming and labor-intensive for consumers. They not only go through initial information collection and relevant brand research but also investigate reviews on major forums before selecting the right product on e-commerce platforms. To address these consumer pain points, iGood is committed to leveraging its expertise in SEO to naturally integrate the necessary information for users. By optimizing search rankings, iGood provides rich and trustworthy selection results to audiences who have already had a clear purchasing intention.

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"We care about each reader's usage scenario. Because every product has different characteristics, the editors at iGood first review the related products on the market. Based on price, functionality, and other relevant details, they provide personalized recommendations from a large selection of products. This allows consumers with different needs to make decisions easily and conveniently proceed to their preferred e-commerce platforms," said Fox Hsiao, Co-Founder of iGood.

Given the successful outcomes of Mediagene Inc. in content commerce, iGood has leveraged these experiences to become the first brand within the group's Taiwanese media to focus intensively on content commerce. By the end of 2023, the website achieved a 100% increase in page views compared to the same period the previous year. iGood has also ranked first on Google Search for popular keywords in home appliances, kitchenware, maternity and baby products, and electronics, generating hundreds of transactions each month. This further demonstrates that media can effectively drive conversions and add value to e-commerce brands.

In addition to integrating the consumer journey, iGood will also use content commerce to obtain valuable data on consumer preferences and behavior. This data will be used to analyze media conversion effectiveness and reader interaction with content. In an era where first-party data is invaluable, these sales data, which were previously difficult for media to acquire, will become key resources for optimizing content and product selection strategies.

Joey Chung, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of TNL Mediagene, stated, “The group will continue to extend its collaboration with more digital retail partners. We hope for becoming the go-to destination for consumers in the world of search. Through high-quality content and an active group ecosystem, we aim to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits the media, readers, and brand enterprises.”

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