Landmark Generative AI Week Ushers in New Era for Taiwan's AI Development, Bridging Industries, Academia and Government

2024/05/25 TNL Mediagene
The groundbreaking Generative AI Week, co-hosted by TNL Mediagene and the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee, concluded successfully, with the capstone Generative AI Conference attracting over 700 enthusiastic participants. Leveraging his extensive industry experience, former Google Taiwan Managing Director Lee-Feng Chien analyzed AI development trends, expressing optimism about Taiwan'

In a groundbreaking move, TNL Mediagene teamed up with the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee, under the guidance of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the American Innovation Center (AIC), and hosted the highly anticipated annual Generative AI Week. The event, which wrapped up on May 25th, injected fresh momentum into Taiwan's generative AI development.

The week-long extravaganza was packed with an eclectic lineup of activities, including 5 workshops, 9 forum sessions, 7 meetups, and Taiwan's first-ever "Defining the Future: Generative AI Week Creation Exhibition." This trailblazing showcase featured collaborative artworks by multiple generative AI creators, offering a captivating glimpse into the boundless possibilities of AI-driven artistic creation and underscoring the immense potential when human creativity converges with artificial intelligence.

The grand finale, the Generative AI Conference on May 25th, was a sold-out sensation, attracting over 700 enthusiastic participants from around the globe, reflecting the global community's intense fascination with generative AI.
The conference's keynote speaker, former Google Taiwan Managing Director Lee-Feng Chien, drew on his extensive industry expertise and sharp insights to deliver an incisive analysis of generative AI's current state and future trajectory. He noted that while the industry's focus at the start of 2023 was on AI technological advancements, the spotlight has now shifted to integrating and applying AI across various services. Chien emphasized, “Those embracing AI are replacing those who don't, AI-driven businesses are outpacing their non-AI counterparts, and nations capable of developing AI may overshadow the cultures of those unable to do so.”

Regarding Taiwan's opportunities and advantages, Chien is particularly bullish on Edge AI and robotics. He predicts that when language models can run on cutting-edged devices, Edge AI will become a new battleground. Moreover, generative AI's ability to generate vast training data for robots, coupled with enhanced natural language communication capabilities, is expected to propel significant development in general-purpose robots in the near future.
The conference also featured numerous influential speakers from industry and academia, including Lee Kun-Mou, Product Manager of Taiwan's renowned e-commerce platform 91APP, Shiu Yi-Wen, Strategy and Innovation Lead at Dentsu Marketing Communication Group, and Zhang Zhi-Qi, co-founder of SimpleMessage Design. They shared insights and perspectives on generative AI applications in various domains, such as e-commerce, marketing, and content creation, providing diverse and in-depth viewpoints that sparked lively discussions among attendees.

TNL Mediagene CEO and co-founder, Joey Chung, remarked, “The successful organization of Generative AI Week showcases Taiwanese society's keen interest and enthusiasm for this field. Through the conference and creation exhibition, we witnessed the tremendous potential of generative AI across various domains. We look forward to accelerating the development of generative AI in Taiwan through such event platforms, fostering collaboration and exchange among industries, government, academia, and research institutions, and collectively shaping a promising future for generative AI in Taiwan.”

Lee Mu-Yueh, curator of the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee, also noted, “The changes brought about by generative AI are multifaceted, ranging from assisting with programming to generating images and music. This year, we are honored to collaborate with TNL Mediagene media group in organizing the Generative AI Week. The event featured a diverse array of activities, including the conference, coding workshops, a Midjourney image workshop, and an exhibition showcasing AI-generated music through live singing and performances. We sincerely invite everyone to participate in our monthly meetups and a book club focused on writing automated programs with ChatGPT.”

The successful organization of Generative AI Week marks a new milestone in the development of generative AI in Taiwan. Through the exchange and discussions at the conference and the thought-provoking creations at the exhibition, Taiwanese society's understanding and application of generative AI have reached new heights. With concerted efforts from all sectors, Taiwan is poised to seize the opportunities and address the challenges in this field, shining brightly on the global stage of generative AI.

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About the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee

“We have witnessed the turning point of this era. Like you, facing the oncoming wave of AI, we realize: only through human collaboration can we move faster than AI.”

The Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee is responsible for hosting the annual Generative AI Conference and monthly community meetups. These events not only serve as knowledge-sharing platforms but also as a stage where many speakers choose to unveil their organizations' latest AI applications. The Generative AI-related events have achieved an impressive 97% satisfaction rate among participants, praised as “the most comprehensive and highest-caliber discussions in Taiwan.”

The core members of the Generative AI Conference Organizing Committee are Lee Mu-Yueh and Xue Liangbin. Lee Mu-Yueh is the head of Lee Mu-Yueh Company, which provides consulting services for enterprises to adopt generative AI and is also responsible for organizing the committee's related events. Xue Liangbin is a co-founder of the AI startup MeetTomorrow Inc., creator of the MeetAndy personal AI assistant, and also serves as an advisor to Hive Ventures, contributing his extensive industry experience to the committee.

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