AccuHit and TNL Media Group set up a new AI data analytics joint venture; TNL Media Group welcomes their new group CFO and Chief Integration Officer Elaine Kung

2021/01/27 TNL Mediagene
TNL Media Group, an independent Taiwan-based multi-language media and data platform, has partnered with AccuHit, one of the top MarTech and Customer Data Platform companies in Greater China to create a new joint venture company, called DaEX. This new company symbolizes a crucial next step built upon each company’s strengths in terms of complete data scale and data analysis capabilities.

TAIPEI, Taiwan (28 Jan, 2021)

TNL intends to use this joint venture company to jumpstart their data analytic capabilities, unify their data across all media brands and also connect with the data sources from the group’s mobile ad tech company Ad2iction which joined the group last year and their big data market research firm TNL Research that was acquired late 2019. This important piece of the puzzle completes the in-house capabilities and will create synergies across content, ad products and data analysis products. 

DaEX will launch several new services in the first quarter of 2021. At the same time, Ad2iction will also integrate its advertising provider platform (DSP) with DaEX's products and AccuHit’s CDP platform (AccuCDP) in the first quarter of 2021. In the future, all clients of DaEX and AccuHit can use their own first-party data to seamlessly connect with Ad2 and ViAD mobile advertising networks, as well as the creative advertising platform CMP, develop potential customers, and jointly operate and integrate a complete marketing ecosystem of online and offline data.

AccuHit is excited to start this joint venture as an important first step into media and by partnering with TNL Media Group and its more in-depth, balanced, and diverse content, gets access to a large scale but much more complete data that can help both companies make their services more user-friendly and efficient. 

AccuHit CEO and Co-founder Jason Lin commented: “AccuHit believes in technology innovation, value add, data driven processes and most of all providing the customer with the right solution. Through working in partnership with TNL Media Group and creating DaEX, we are able to take that next step and offer all these beliefs to our customers and partners.” 

Joey Chung, TNL’s CEO and Co-founder, said that with the start of DaEX, it symbolizes one of the group’s key pieces falling into place at this current stage. In the previous stage, the goal was to grow into one of largest independent media groups in the Greater China market with diverse and high-quality content. The 2nd current stage is to rapidly build up its surrounding technology services such as ad tech, Martech, big data analysis and market research. These new services will in turn be future key revenue drivers and allow independent media and its editorial team to continue to grow its positive influence without interference, while also allowing new data-related products and services to be optimized. With the start of DaEX and the creation of our own AI powered CDP engine, most of these tech and data services can now be efficiently automated and valuable data products can be created for different publishers, brands or marketers.

“We are extremely excited to start this new joint venture with Jason and AccuHit.” Chung said. “Both companies believe this is the perfect moment for a joint venture alliance as TNL sets out to build one of the largest content and tech platforms and diversify our product offerings while helping AccuHit organize high quality data points that make their Customer Data Platform technology even more mature and developed for their clients.”

Furthermore, TNL also announced the arrival of their new group CFO and Chief Integration Officer Elaine Kung. Elaine ‘s arrival is at a crucial time as the group aims to build out its future financial capabilities as it gradually matures from a start-up into a group of companies with services and products across content, ad tech, events, ticketing services, market research and now AI CDP services. Elaine will also spearhead the group’s efforts to create more synergies and inter-group integration. Previously, Elaine was the CFO and General Manager of Cite Media Holding Group where she worked for 18 years. Elaine has CPA licenses in the US, China and Taiwan. 

Elaine says: “I’m very excited to join one of the fastest growing digital media groups as we work together to integrate and create the perfect blend of content, tech services and data as an example of tomorrow’s digital platform. I was attracted to TNL’s mission of creating high-quality content as objective and rational as possible while also ever-evolving into other related services and products that best compliment their mission. I was extremely impressed with its rapid growth over the last few years and look forward to contributing my financial expertise to its future.”   

TNL Media Group now has a staff of over 200 and plans to continue expanding its readership size, international presence, strategic data partnerships and new technological capabilities. It’s existing media brands now include The News Lens (, INSIDE (, Sports Vision (, Cool3c (, every little d ( and Agent Movie (      

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AccuHit CEO Jason Lin and Strategy & BD Director Mike Wu

AccuHit is the one of the largest Mar-tech companies based in Taiwan, founded by David Huang and Jason Lin in 2018. AccuHit has more than 50 employees and cooperates with more than 100 customers across retail, finance, real-estate and etc. AccuHit offers the leading CDP (Customer Data Platform) for customers, as well as chatbot services on LINE and Messenger. For more information, please check AccuHit’s official website:


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