Roomie: a Media Proposing a New Lifestyle Based on the Home, TNL Mediagene Launches International Mandarin Edition

2024/06/03 TNL Mediagene
Launched as a Japanese web media in 2012, "Roomie" has garnered over 5.4 million loyal readers, with the primary age group falling between 25 and 44 years old. The website receives over 16 million monthly visits, rising to a leading media outlet in Japan's lifestyle genre.Today (the 3rd) TNL Mediagene proudly announced that its new lifestyle-branch media "Roomie" International Mandarin Editionis.

TNL Mediagene, announced today (the 3rd) that its lifestyle media "Roomie" International Mandarin Edition is officially launched. With the core concept of "The 'Beauty' Extended from Home," "Roomie" International Mandarin Edition is dedicated to sharing quality content related to "residences." It revolves around life, establishing a connection between people and space, and opening up a new era of lifestyle aesthetics for readers.

Mediagene Inc., which launched the original Japanese version of "Roomie," is a leading digital media company in Japan, founded in 1998. Currently,owns several original and licensed Japanese brands, including Gizmodo Japan, Business Insider Japan, Lifehacker Japan,Roomie and MASHING UP.

In May 2023, Mediagene Inc. merged with the pan-Asian digital media group, TNL Media Group, to form TNL Mediagene. This merger allows TNL Mediagene to provide high-quality and independent news, business, technology, science, sports, dining, and lifestyle content across Japan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. The launch of "Roomie" International Mandarin Edition symbolizes TNL Mediagene's commitment to establishing a presence in both Taiwan and Japan and expanding its reach to the Asian market.

Launched as a Japanese web media in 2012, "Roomie" has garnered over 5.4million loyal readers, with the primary age group falling between 25 and 44 years old. The website receives over 16 million monthly visits, making it a leading media outlet in Japan's lifestyle genre. Specializing in introducing home appliances and daily necessities based on people's real-life experiences, it also quickly features fashion items that are likely to become popular, often sparking new trends. Its most popular section, "Every Person's Room," leads readers to unlock the diverse styles of room decor, reflecting "Roomie's" commitment to providing high-quality original content and attracting a large audience of lifestyle enthusiasts.

Joey Chung, CEO and Co-Founder of TNL Mediagene, stated, “For over twenty years, Mediagene has deeply cultivated the Japanese market, establishing 'Roomie' as a leading lifestyle media brand. Now, by combining Mediagene's strength in Japan with The News Lens' influence in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, we will provide more diverse and higher-quality content for Asian readers.”

Motoko Imada, COO, President and Co-Founder of TNL Mediagene, commented, “This is the first time that Roomie has expanded overseas as a media brand of Mediagene by launching the International Mandarin Edition. This marks a significant first step for Japanese media to enter the global market. I hope that Roomie, with its strengths in the e-commerce domain, will succeed in the international Mandarin language market, and that this new challenge will contribute to the growth of TNL Mediagene group.”

Mario Yang, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of TNL Mediagene, shared emotionally: “Ten years ago, we were just a small independent media outlet. Today, thanks to the collective efforts of all our partners in Taiwan and Japan, we have achieved our goal of providing Chinese readers around the world with more high-quality content. We look forward to the launch of the international Mandarine dition of Roomie, which we hope will bring more beauty and inspiration in home living styles to our readers. This is a very important milestone for us.”

Richard Lee, CTO of TNL Mediagene, also said, "We are excited to bring 'Roomie,' a media brand beloved by Japanese readers, to Taiwan and introduce it to more Asian readers. Through 'Roomie,' we hope to inspire more people to explore the 'beauty in life' and take this opportunity to introduce Taiwanese readers to Japanese lifestyle aesthetics and details."

To better cater to Taiwanese readers' needs, 'Roomie' International Mandarin Edition will have a local editorial team. Readers will not only get first-hand information on Japanese home aesthetics but also find lifestyle inspirations that align with the local context in Taiwan. Besides content-writing, 'Roomie' International Mandarin Edition views social media engagement as a key to expanding in the Asian market, aiming to strengthen brand recall by presenting native content in various formats. In the future, 'Roomie' plans to collaborate with local brands and creators to launch cross-border projects, extending the aesthetics of home living to more diverse lifestyle areas.

The launch of 'Roomie' International Mandarin Edition marks a new strategic layout for TNL Mediagene in the field of lifestyle aesthetics. Through this significant media brand, TNL Mediagene will continue to cultivate the Asian market, bringing the essence of aesthetic quality to a broad readership. 'Home' will no longer be just a place to live but an ideal realm of imagination that transcends borders, redefining the standards of "tasteful living" with ‘Roomie.’

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